Your support to the work of The World Community for Christian Meditation is greatly appreciated..... It will help us on the way ahead.

UK Registered Charity number is 327173

Thank you for contributing to the work of our Community. It will help us to bring the gift of meditation and its contribution to inner and outer peace to many parts of the world. It will be especially helpful in our work in countries,who struggle with basic resources.

You can make your contribution in different ways - most simply and easily by the secure means of PayPal. 

Please also consider making a bequest to the Community in your will. The beneficiary is "The World Community for Christian Meditation" which is an established charity in the United Kingdom.


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If you have questions about this please feel free to raise them with our International Office Coordinator:

Susan Spence: WCCM, ST Mark's, Mydellton Square, London EC1R 1XX, UK (T: (+44) 020 72782070)

If you have further questions or suggestions please contact us at
Many thanks!