Lent Daily Reflections 2011

Lent Daily Reflections by Fr. Laurence Freeman, year 2011

3rd Sunday of Lent

One day in the heat of noon Jesus, tired and thirsty, stopped by a well and asked a woman of a foreign, hostile tribe for a drink. Amazed that he ignored the division between them but also being a feisty, independent woman she challenged him. Their conversation led him to make the only direct revelation he gives of himself in the gospels.

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Saturday Lent, Week 2

It is a privilege for a person on the outside to enter a prison and meditate with the inmates. As with any marginalized or rejected group they have been pushed away from ordinary kinds of relationship and so their awareness is, or can be, unusually direct and honest. Not all prisoners do take to meditate. But in my experience of speaking in prisons, as I did today, they are unusually receptive to the opportunity.

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