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Silent Meditation Retreat - Monte Oliveto. The Cave of the Heart

The 2013 Monte Oliveto Retreat will again bring meditators together
from around the world to the peace of the spiritual home of the
Olivetan Benedictine Congregation in Tuscany

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A retreat for meditators from around The World Community in a sacred place of peace and beauty. Laurence Freeman OSB will talk on the theme of:  "The Cave of the Heart"

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WCCM Pilgrimage to India and Nepal Jan 2013 - Group B (Parallel Itinerary)

Including a full day of dialogue, prayer and meditation with

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB

Important NOTE: This pilgrimage itinerary is a parallel itinerary to the original pilgrimage itinerary, which is now fully subscribed. This second itinerary is slightly shorter, and will not overlap with the first, except for the day in Sarnath with Fr. Laurence and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This group will be accompanied by a representative of WCCM, and will be guided by a local tour manager throughout.

Download here the flyer for full detail

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Bere Island Holy Week Retreat - Live Streaming of Fr. Laurence's Talks

For the first time this year the Fr. Laurence's talks at the Holy Week Retreat on Bere Island will be broadcast live.


Since the DSL speed on Bere Island is not the fastest, we will not have HD quality. But we are sure it will be adequate to allow viewers around the world to feel they are present at the retreat. Of course the talks will be on our YouTube channel later in the day.

  • Watch HERE the recorded talks
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Bere Island Live Streaming Test - Talks Schedule

The player to see all the talks is on this page



Read the GREEN TEXT on the following boxes to know your time zone scheduled times (automatically detected).



  • Sunday 1st April 2012: 11.30 - Meeting at Heritage Centre (approx. 45min) - Watch HERE


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WCCM Pilgrimage to India and Nepal Jan 2013 - The Way of Peace

Including a full day of dialogue, prayer and meditation with

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB


Download here the flyer for full detail


The pilgrimage will be the Community’s Way of Peace event for 2013. It also marks the fifteenth anniversary of the first WCCM pilgrimage to India, which initiated the Way of Peace programme. This is a memory and inspiration cherished by His Holiness the Dalai Lama who recently wrote: “In 1998 I joined as historic pilgrimage of practitioners of both the Christian and Buddhist traditions in prayers, meditation and dialogue in Bodhgaya … Each morning under the Bodhi tree, we all sat together and meditated, which I think was historic.” 

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Led by Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB

with Gene Bebeau and Liz Watson

Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center
West Hartford Connecticut, USA

Saturday May 26 – Saturday June 2, 2012

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The "School Retreat" is a weeklong experience of silence. The daily schedule includes periods of meditation interspersed with contemplative walking, a personal interview with one of the retreat leaders, a short conference-teaching and contemplative eucharist. Fr Laurence is leading this year's international School retreat in West Hartford, Connecticut, together with Liz Watson and Gene Bebeau. For information on other School retreats visit the School of Meditation page at

Go here for Laurence Freeman's talks of the retreat

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Ten Day Christian Meditation Retreat 2012 - Bere Island

Seeking, Losing, Finding

Ten Day Christian Meditation Retreat

1st to 11th March 2012

Bere Island, Ireland

Led by Laurence Freeman OSB


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Bere Island Easter Retreat 2012

Holy Week and Easter Retreat

1st to 8th April 2012

Led by Laurence Freeman

The Bere Island Easter Retreat will be an interior pilgrimage of the Easter mysteries as they unfold in Holy Week. The retreat programme includes regular meditation periods, talks by Fr
Laurence, the Easter liturgies with the island people with time for reading, walks and solitude. With its deep history and great natural beauty, Bere Island is an ideal space to open to the spiritual meaning of the season.

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Monte Oliveto Retreat June 9-16 2012

The Book of the Heart - Stages of Contemplation

The essential nature of the human journey is like meditation: it cannot be analysed or measured. Ends and beginnings meet and cycles of growth make for fresh change and development.  But we need a sense of the journey and its main stages in order to make meaning of our lives and to endure their dark nights.

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Bere Island Ten Day Silent Retreat Ireland, September 14-24 2011

A ten day meditation retreat was held on Bere Island, with a daily teaching by Fr Laurence. The theme is Celtic Christianity and its impact on our daily practice today - topics include the role of the 'anamchara' or soul-friend and our relationship with the natural world.

The videos of the talks are on our YouTube channel and the links are displayed below on this page. (click "Read more" if you don't see the links)

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