School of Meditation Weekly Teachings

Weekly Teachings 21/4/2013

Self-knowledge and healing

To ask people to become more aware of what blocks them on the path to true self-knowledge often meets with resistance.

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Weekly Teachings 14/4/2013

The problem with silence

In our Western Culture the need for silence and stillness is not acknowledged. Many even feel uncomfortable with silence, even fearful of it, as John Main says in ‘Word into Silence’: “[Silence] is quite a challenge for people of our time

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Weekly Teachings 7/4/2013

The tradition and practice of Christian Meditation - 4

Reconnecting with inner silence is not only important for adults but even more so in our noisy world for children and young people.

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Weekly Teachings 31/3/2013

The tradition and practice of Christian Meditation - 3

Laurence Freeman continues: “The great theological minds and spiritual teachers of the modern era – Rahner, Balthasar, Lonergan, Merton, Main, Griffiths

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Weekly Teachings 24/3/2013

The tradition and practice of Christian Meditation - 2

Laurence Freeman continues: “In the second half of the last century John Cassian’s ‘Conferences’ led John Main back to the practice of meditation in the Christian tradition, which he had first discovered as a young man in the East.

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Weekly Teachings 17/3/2013

The tradition and practice of Christian Meditation

What makes meditation Christian is our faith in Jesus. It is Christian too because it is in a historical and theological tradition that leads directly to the mind of Christ.

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Weekly Teachings 10/3/2013

Interfaith Dialogue

The Interfaith element, respecting the Truth in all religions, which very much forms part of the ethos of the World Community of Christian Meditation, has also been an important element in the Christian tradition right from the beginning.

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Weekly Teachings 3/3/2013

Jesus as a teacher of contemplation

In the following instalments of the ‘Weekly Teaching’ I would like to share with you some extracts from ‘Journey to the Heart’.

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Weekly Teachings 24/2/2013

The integration of the human and the Divine

The integration of the two sides of our character, the active and the contemplative, is seen in the Gospel of St John as the integration of our human and our Divine side, as exemplified by Jesus. In the following extract of ‘Journey to the Heart’ Laurence Freeman explains:

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Weekly Teachings 17/2/2013

Birth of Christ in the Soul

In this week leading up to Christmas it is very appropriate to look at Meister Eckhart’s idea of the ‘Birth of Christ in the Soul’.

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