School of Meditation Weekly Teachings

Weekly Teachings 10/2/2013

St Paul

The teaching of Jesus, St John and Meister Eckhart we have looked at the last few episodes of the ‘Weekly Teaching’ brings out the importance of recognizing the two sides of our human nature.

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Weekly Teachings 3/2/2013

Clement of Alexandria

How the early Church Fathers see this connection between our Martha and our Mary, between the ‘ego’ and the ‘self’, our Divine spark, is best illustrated in the teaching by Clement of Alexandria (150-215).

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Weekly Teachings 27/1/2013

The active and the contemplative life in Origen’s Mystical Theology

As I explain in my introduction to the Chapter on Origen in ‘Journey to the Heart’: “Origen was a native Alexandrian, highly educated in Greek, Jewish and Christian wisdom. At the young age of 17, Bishop Demetrius of Alexandria appointed him Head of the Catechetical School as successor to Clement.

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Weekly Teachings 20/1/2013

The nature of the Divine

Early Christian Fathers stressed that we could not know God with our rational mind. No image, concept, or name could ever do justice. In fact, they saw it as blasphemy to attach a name to God, because that would limit the limitlessness or name the unnameable.

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Weekly Teachings 13/1/2013


The three vows that are taken by Benedictine monks and nuns and Benedictine Oblates, who are committing themselves to live their lives according to the ‘Rule of St Benedict’, are ‘Obedience, Conversion and Stability’.

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Weekly Teachings 6/1/2013


Benedict conceived of conversion as a continual process. We need to constantly turn our attention towards the Higher Reality in prayer/meditation and in our day to day dealings with others.

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Weekly Teachings 30/12/2012


Closely linked to the Benedictine vow of ‘Conversion’ is the vow of ‘Stability’. Benedict was very aware that the continual conversion, the constant turning to the Divine in prayer and in life required on the spiritual path, was a difficult and often discouraging process.

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Weekly Teachings 23/12/2012

Achievement or Grace?

In the third letter we met the ‘Demon of Acedia’. As we have seen one of the ways we can defeat this ‘Demon’ is through perseverance in meditation/prayer regardless, but this is difficult.

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Weekly Teachings 16/12/2012

Work and Pray

To work and pray was the way for the Desert Fathers and Mothers to arrive at ceaseless prayer: “He prays unceasingly who combines prayer with necessary duties and necessary duties with prayer.

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Weekly Teachings 9/12/2012


The first of the Benedictine vows is ‘obedience’. The root of this word is the Latin ob-audiens, meaning ‘to listen intently’.

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