School of Meditation Weekly Teachings

Weekly Teachings 23/9/2012


The world, in which we live, does not value the virtue of humility. On the contrary it is self-assertion, overt self-confidence, material success, fame and esteem in the eyes of others that is coveted. We even equate humility with humiliation.

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Weekly Teachings16/9/2012


The Desert Fathers and Mothers and the Mystics of all ages point out that the faithful committed practice of one-pointed attention in meditation/prayer leads to a wider awareness. It starts, however, with more awareness of our wounded ego and how its conditioning blocks our spiritual awareness of the Presence of Christ.

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Weekly Teachings 9/9/2012

On judgement

One of the most difficult things to do in life is not to judge others; not only that but also not to judge ourselves. There is a saying from the Desert Fathers: “The old men used to say, ‘there is nothing worse than passing judgment.’

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Weekly Teachings 2/9/2012

The power of language

“He also said: ‘It is better to eat meat and drink wine than eat the flesh of one’s brethren through slander.’ (Abba Hyperechius)

Not only was gossiping and slander frowned upon, because they were part of judging others, but also because the desert hermits were convinced of the power of language to heal and to harm.

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Weekly Teachings 26/8/2012

No Thoughts, No Images

In last week’s letter on the ‘Perennial Philosophy’ we saw how it is experience of internal silence and solitude, afforded by contemplative spiritual disciplines such as meditation,

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Weekly Teachings 19/8/2012

On Prayer

Like Clement, the early Church Father Origen was highly educated both in Greek, Jewish and Christian thought and saw clearly the correspondences between these different strands of wisdom.

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Weekly Teachings 12/8/2012


The Christian Desert Fathers and Mothers of the 4th century, on whose teaching John Cassian based his works, also form the foundation of Christian Meditation. John Main, our founder, rediscovered this way of prayer for us in Cassian’s writings ‘The Conferences’, especially chapters nine and ten.

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Weekly Teachings 05/8/2012

Love of Neighbour

To the Desert Fathers and Mothers human relationships are considered to be foundational to living in the presence of Christ: Abba John the Dwarf said, “A house is not built by beginning at the top and working down.

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Weekly Teachings 29/7/2012

Relaxing the Body

As I have written in a previous letter we live in a world that is obsessed with achievement and success. Even meditation can be seen purely as a way of optimizing our brain function, to be more materially successful in this world.

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Weekly Teachings 22/7/2012

Doing and Being

The story of Martha and Mary in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 10:32-42) illustrates the importance of the integration of doing and being, of the relationship between action and contemplation. Martha represents the active, busy life we all lead every day with its demands of work, friendship and hospitality.

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