School of Meditation Weekly Teachings

Weekly Teachings 26/2/2012

From Ignorance to Knowledge

By reading Jesus’ teaching in the Gospel of Thomas contemplatively, as a Lectio Divina, combined with meditation, contemplative prayer, we are led to see Reality as it truly is and to experience that in our essence we are already one with the Divine through the consciousness of Christ that dwells in our hearts. But Jesus is very aware of our difficulty to do so: “The Father’s Kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people do not see it.” 

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Weekly Teachings 19/2/2012

Self-Consciousness Versus Self-Knowledge

The importance awarded to insight, resulting in true self-knowledge, is brought out by the essential advice given by spiritual teachers and philosophers throughout history: Man know thyself. We are encouraged not only to get to know the ‘ego’ and the way it is motivated, which will lead to the possibility of change, but also true ‘self’-knowledge, i.e. knowledge of the ‘Self’, awareness of our total being and of the Divine within.

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Weekly Teachings 12/2/2012

Escape Strategies

If we misunderstand meditation and don’t see it as prayer, as a spiritual discipline, but instead see it as a form of relaxation, a way of dealing with the stress of life, of escaping into our imagination and fantasies, we can practice for years without any increase in awareness or resulting transformation.

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Weekly Teachings 5/2/2012

The Perennial Philosophy

The possibility of integration of the ‘Self’ with Ultimate Reality is clearly expressed in the ‘Perennial Philosophy’,* which describes the common ground of all the World’s great religions and philosophies. It is important to remember that the commonality this Philosophy stresses is founded in actual practical spiritual experience that takes place outside the time and space of our usual material reality and not in theological or religious dogma.

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Weekly Teachings 29/1/2012

The Gift of Divine Grace

Spiritual transformation is outside our control. This total change of consciousness cannot be ‘achieved’ in any way but is a gift of divine grace.

Although the spiritual journey is often presented in a linear fashion, quietening first the body, then the mind, so the spirit can be touched, we are not dealing with progressive stages but simultaneous, overlapping, deepening levels: we spiral through them, being afforded glimpses, as we practise.

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Weekly Teachings 22/1/2012

The Christian Meditation Group Leader

The qualities of a group leader:

- A personal commitment to meditation as taught in the Christian Meditation Community

- The wish to share this gift with others.

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Weekly Teachings 15/1/2012

What are the characteristics of a Christian Meditation group?

The World Community for Christian Meditation has a mission statement:

To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all.

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Weekly Teachings 8/1/2012

Meditation groups:  communities of faith

It has been said that in each age God raises up prophets and teachers to ensure His work is carried on.  John Main is certainly regarded as one of these great spiritual teachers of the 20th century.  But he was also in a real sense a prophet.

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Weekly Teachings 1/1/2012

Communion or union

The early Church fathers had no shadow of a doubt that union with the Divine is possible for all: “God is the life of all free beings. He is the salvation of all, of believers and unbelievers, of the just or the unjust, of the pious or the impious, of those freed from passions or those caught up in them, of monks or those living in the world, of the educated and the illiterate, of the healthy and the sick, of the young and the old.” (Gregory of Nyssa)

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Weekly Teachings 25/12/2011

The importance of preparation

We know from experience that to meditate is not easy. And we make it even more difficult for ourselves by expecting to be able to switch off and delve into the silence, immediately after having been busy talking on the phone, listening to the radio or watching television.

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