School of Meditation Weekly Teachings

Weekly Teachings 09/10/2011

St Paul

St Paul is often credited with founding Christianity. Certainly it would not have developed as it did without him. Nor would he have developed it as he did, if he had not been thrown from his horse on the road to Damascus and in a blinding light had seen Jesus and had his life utterly changed.

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Weekly Teachings 02/10/2011

The Mystical Experience of Jesus

Last week we saw that mystical consciousness is as old as the hills. Most of the great scientists of our own age also came to see the world this way – unitively and reverentially. The roots of what we call the Christian mystical tradition, therefore, predate the historical Jesus.

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Weekly Teachings 25/09/2011

The Roots of Christian Mysticism

In a neolithic burial mound built five thousand years ago in County Meath we can observe a decisive stage in the development of human consciousness.

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Weekly Teachings 18/09/2011

Meditation – a different way of learning

Learning to meditate and learning what meditation has to teach us are both different kinds of learning from what we are used to. We are not learning anything ‘new’ in our usual understanding of novelty. We are relearning something known in childhood and lost before we could maturely integrate it .

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Weekly Teachings 11/09/2011

It is simple, but not easy

Therefore I bid you put away anxious thoughts about food and drink to keep you alive, and clothes to cover your body. Surely life is more than food and the body more than clothes” (Matthew 6:25).

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Weekly Teachings 04/09/2011

Our interior senses

With increasing detachment from our conditioning and from the need to use the world and other people as emotional props, we at times leave behind the things that hinder.

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Weekly Teachings 28/08/2011

Enering the Silence

It takes courage to leave our thoughts, our ‘ego’ behind, to leave the comfort of our conditioning, to let go – however temporarily - of our sense of identity and individuality that we have shaped out of our thoughts. But it is essential “to leave self behind” to follow Jesus into the Silence and discover, who we truly are, a child of God.

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Weekly Teachings 21/08/2011

The Stages of the Journey (2)

As we have seen meditation leads us to a greater awareness of our conditioning and hence to self-knowledge and ultimately freedom. One helpful way of entering the silence is to remember that all our thoughts are thoughts about the past or the future.

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Weekly Teachings 14/08/2011

The Stages of the Journey

Meditation is a way of breaking through from a world of illusion into the pure light of reality”. (John Main)

The world of illusion that John Main refers to in this statement is the world we build up out of our thoughts. Many of us equate who we are with what we think.

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Weekly Teachings 07/08/2011

Why do we meditate?

Meditation with its one-pointed focus, whether on the breath, on movement or in our case on a mantra, is a scientifically proven way to relaxation both of mind and body.

Purely by paying attention on our word, our breathing and heart rate slow down by themselves and calm the fidgety body.

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