Clone of Know the ways you can can take part in the Holy Week Retreat

The Bere Island Easter Meditation retreat will be held in Ireland, from 29th March to 5th April and if you are not able to attend it you still can take part in some way:

LIVE WEBCAST OF ALL THE TALKS - Like in other recent editions of this retreat you can watch the talks live and send questions through internet. FREE REGISTRATION HERE


The WCCM Bere Island Easter Retreat is available for Android and Apple devices. The app and the liveblog allow you to have more information about what is going on during the retreat, check links for videos and audios and see photos.

Android app on Google Play

Talks in audio/video

If you cannot watch the talks live we will put it available each day, with few hours delay, in audio and video. We will let you know the links through our liveblog, website and social networks.