The Facebook Social Plugin

Integrating the Facebook Social Plugin "Likebox" on your website

Either you are a National WCCM Website Webmaster or you simply want to have it on your personal blog or website, here are the steps needed to add the Facebook Social Plugin "Likebox" for the WCCM Official Facebook Page on a website.

  • Go to: or Google for "Facebook Social Plugin Likebox" since Facebook often changes the URL of its resources.
  • Enter in the "Facebook Page URL" field the URL of the WCCM FB Page:
  • Play with the other settings (Width, Color Scheme etc...) until you find the ones that best fit your needs and tastes.
  • Click the "Get Code" Button.
  • Copy the code and add it on your website where you like, inside a <div> or in a block if you use a CMS.
  • For any help please write me using the contact form on this website.


Adriano Massi