First Essential Teaching Weekend in Germany

By Jean Dorband-Penderock (Germany) and Michael Harrison (Austria)
The first Essential Teachings Weekend to be held in the German-speaking area took place on December 5th to 7th, 2014. The event was organised by Christiane Floyd, National Coordinator for Germany, and led by Kim Nataraja, the
Director of the International School of Meditation.
Eleven meditators from Germany and two from Austria met in Berlin to deepen their understanding of John Main's teachings, its roots in the Christian meditation tradition, its practical application and some of the newest scientific findings on the psychology of meditation. To build the participants' confidence in their capacity to share the teachings with others, one afternoon was devoted to working in smaller groups to prepare a presentation by one of their members before the entire group of meditators. Positive feedback and encouragement were paramount in the discussion which followed each presentation. Each presenter was given the feeling that he or she had an important contribution to make in spreading Christian meditation.
The participants had the chance to get to know each other, exchange experiences and opinions, and build a feeling of friendship and solidarity which resulted in a new sense of togetherness and mutual responsibility for the future of WCCM in the German-speaking region. 
In the weekend's last discussion session, the group made plans to meet again in Berlin in the spring to plan concrete steps to further the establishment of a strong national presence for WCCM.
  • Place:  Berlin, Germany
  • Date: December, 2014