Friends of The World Community for Christian Meditation

Dear Friends,

the simplicity of the essential teaching remains the Community’s living core and that, I believe, has shaped and guided our growth. The roots are deepening as the branches spread wider – like the gospel’s mustard seed. It all grows out of our personal daily practice, building our lives on the foundation of silence, stillness, truth and compassion.

As we develop our outreach work it is becoming clear how necessary it is to develop a new contemplative consciousness for solving our huge global challenges. Our seminars and discussions have clarified for me the deeper significance of our outreach to children, people in recovery, prisoners, the mentally ill, the poor and forgotten—as much as our work with thousands of regular weekly meditation groups around the world. In every case, we are helping people live in the full wonder of their individual human potential and our common one together.

There are so many creative new ways in which our Community is responding to the spiritual needs of our time. To serve those needs, we have developed a set of teaching and outreach priorities for the future. Many volunteers and a few full-time individuals work very hard to realize this. While our mission is ambitious and substantial, our financial  needs are relatively modest. But they exist, and we have financial commitments for which a stable annual income is necessary. For all this we rely on your friendship and generosity.

I am inviting you to join more fully in this spiritual family we call The World Community for Christian Meditation by becoming one of its Friends. By making at least one gift to WCCM each year – no matter the size – you will be joining many others around the world whose help gives us both inspiration and practical support every day. Please, if you can, become or remain a Friend.

Laurence Freeman OSB

Click HERE to download the Friends PDF Brochure