"The Further Shore – Stretching the Horizon of Hope" - Evening Talk in Montréal (in French)

The Future Shore: Stretching the Horizon of Hope

We live in a world that encourages us to spend very little time in the present moment. We are usually focusing on the next thing - and so we often miss what is in front of our eyes, blazingly obvious and simple. 
Laurence Freeman will explore the future in the light of the further shore of human existence - our destiny which is always present. During his talks in Canada this Fall he will approach these pressing questions of spiritual knowledge and hope from different perspectives. He will be describing how we need a new, a recharged spiritual consciousness to solve our manmade problems and how we need to see hope as a way of embracing the present not avoiding it. 

For this there is no simpler and more immediate aid than meditation. What does the Christian tradition of meditation, then, have to offer us  as both a way of daily spirituality and global peace?

Fr. Michel Boyer OFM - Email: lagrottefranciscains@sympatico.ca
19:00 - 21:00