Interview: David Tacey, presenter of the 2015 John Main Seminar

The Community in New Zealand is working hard to prepare the John Main Seminar 2015, that will be held in January, in Hamilton, with the theme "Spirituality and Religion in a Secular Age". The National Coordinator for New Zealand, Vincent Maire, did and interview with the presenter of the Seminar, David Tacey (Author of many works on religion, spirituality and society).
"In the course of 50 or 60 year we find religion and spirituality separating from each other. But they are still connected and indeed I see the John Main seminar and the WCCM involved in precisely this: bringing spirituality back into religion and that is what meditation is all about" said Tacey. 
Listen below to the full interview with David Tacey:

  • Place:  NewZealand/Australia
  • Date: November 2014