John Main Seminar 2016: nurturing the friendship between L'Arche and WCCM

The John Main Seminar 2016 was hosted by the L'Arche community in Trosly, France, from 2nd to 4th September. Jean Vanier led the seminar on the theme "Where the Light Comes in...". The participants at Trosly and those tuning into the live webcast agreed that it was a most powerful and  meaningful moment. Members of both the L'Arche and WCCM Communities shared deep silence in meditation and the deep teachings on the theme from Jean Vanier and Laurence Freeman. (A pre-seminar retreat was held also in Trosly from 31st August to 2nd September.)
Both the retreat and the Seminar were webcast. The talks are available in audio and video here

Laurence Freeman commented that the connection with Jean Vanier and L'Arche that this week renewed was especially significant in the 25th anniversary year of the WCCM and when it is hoping to establish a new international home for the community in France. "The level of sharing between the mission of the and vision of the two communities is very profound", he said. Jean also commented about the Seminar: "There is something very beautiful about two communities coming together. On one side there is contemplation and the other is encountering. And what unites us are two words: metanoia and silence."