Meditation with Children (new)

Be Still And Know That I Am God.

The Community is presently teaching meditation to children in 27 countries. The Catholic diocese of Townsville in Australia first pioneered the program about ten years ago and continues to be innovative in developing the approach.
Our approach essentially is to teach the teachers who teach the children. The response form the children – from age four and up – is always positive. They can and like to meditate. They ask for meditation when they move to their next year in their school journey. In some schools meditation is only once a  week. In others it is daily, sometimes in the classrooms, sometimes in general assemblies.
Teachers inevitably see positive spiritual fruits and personal benefits in the mental and emotional states and behaviour of the children. The children are easier to teach. They are nicer to each other. And, as a survey in the UK showed, the majority of children said that they meditated on their own at other times than the school sessions. Parents notice the benefits for the children and many schools have, as a result, started meditation groups for parents. In some cases families have begun to meditate together.
In faith schools we teach Christian meditation explicitly as a way of prayer – children are born contemplatives and respond to the prayer of the heart with deep intuitive understanding. It seems that this experiential dimension of prayer in silence and stillness prepares the ground for a fuller and more lasting response to the doctrines of the faith, sacraments and worship. (We have also sometimes been invited to teach meditation in state schools with a multi-faith student body or where religion as such cannot be taught. In these cases we adjust the language, conscious that the experience itself contains the seed of grace and that its fruits are essentially the same.

The following website will introduce you to many of the aspects of meditation with children and young people:
In the following videos children, teachers and other authorities in schools speak about the beneficial experience of introducing meditation to children early and throughout their school years:


For further information or to find out how to introduce meditation to children where you are contact the WCCM Coordinator for meditation with children and young people :