Meditation in the Monastic Tradition



Monastic Institute of San Anselmo, Rome

28 June to 5 July 2015


Laurence Freeman OSB, Bernard Sawicki OSB

Joseph Wong OSB, Paolo Trianni, Sr Lorella Fracassa, Dr Stefan Reynolds,

Tim Casey, Guidalberto Bormolini and Revd Dr Sarah Bachelard

Keynote Talk: The Abbot Primate, Notker Wolf OSB


This exceptional week is open to all who – as St Benedict says – are ‘truly seeking God’. It will bring together monks, oblates, scholars and a wide range of people integrating contemplative and active dimension of life.

Since the Second Vatican Council, monks have been asked to share the riches of their contemplative tradition more widely within the church and with the world. A number of remarkable monks – including Thomas Merton, Henri le Saux, Bede Griffiths and John Main – have had a radical influence on spirituality and religion in the modern world. They helped to return monasticism to its roots and redefine how it relates to the secular world. They saw how contemplative prayer, though long associated exclusively with the cloister, is in fact central to Christian life.

As the church today opens itself in a new wave of renewal and engagement with its mission in the world, the practice of contemplative prayer assumes even greater significance. Monks face both an opportunity and a major responsibility to meet this need in the modern world.

In this Week of Study and Practice an influential group of monastics and lay practitioners will illuminate this issue through exploring its tradition and its contemporary expressions. They will teach and discuss with the participants from the rich roots of monastic contemplative spirituality. They will also reflect on the need for a contemplative renewal in monasticism and the church generally and how monastic and lay practitioners can collaborate to realize this aim.

Each day of the week will blend study and practice, silence and discussion, solitude and fellowship. The day will follow the monastic schedule of the Office.  The Eucharist and periods of meditation will be incorporated into these times. There will be times of lectio and of communal silence.

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The Week of Study and Practice will take place at the Collegio Sant’Anselmo, Piazza Cavalieri di Malta 5, 00153 Rome.  All lectures, meals, communal prayer and meditation will take place here.

Date and Time

We will meet at the College in time for supper at 6.30 pm Sunday 28 June.  The Week will finish after  lunch on Sunday 5 July. Joining details will be sent to you nearer the time.


The fee for the week will be £400 which includes all meals but no accommodation.  

You can also attend as a Day Visitor. Cost Euro 35 without lunch Euro 50 with lunch. To book see below



Participants will be responsible for arranging their own hotel accommodation. It is recommended you stay within walking distance of San Anselmo as our day will start early with Morning Prayer and Meditation followed by breakfast. The day will end with Compline.

For your convenience we have pre-booked a limited amount of rooms on a first-come-first served basis in two nearby hotels.  

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You may prefer to choose your own hotel.  Here is a link to the hotels which are in the area called  Aventino which is near the College.


If you would like to make a donation for scholarship assistance or further support the work of the Community please
If you have any queries or need help with the booking please do not hesitate to contact Theresa Hobbs (
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This week is a collaboration between The World Community for Christian Meditation and its
Oblate Community and the Monastic Institute at the Faculty of Theology in the 
Pontifical University of San Anselmo in Rome.