Online Meditation Room instructions

Please read the following info carefully to minimize the chances of problems during the online meeting.
1) Either if you join with the phone or with your computer check that there are not loud sounds in the room you are in (TV Sets or Radio broadcasting, children playing loudly, music etc)
2) If joining by phone avoid using the speaker, use your phone as you do normally keeping it on your ear or the sound from the speaker would go back in the mic generating nasty echoes and feedbacks.
3) If joining by computer be sure your computer's speakers' volume is not too loud to avoid the feedback effect. The best option would be using a pair of headphones, but if you can't be sure that your computer's speaker volume is set at a reasonable level.
It's advised to use latest version of Google Chrome Browser. 
If, after clicking the link you'll be asked to download/update anything or to allow for permissions, please follow trustfully the directions and give allowance to ALL requests from the system. Negating the system a single permission could result in being unable to join the meeting!

If you have any problems, contact Leonardo Corrêa