Remembering the Future

A bequest to the World Community will help us to continue sharing the gift of meditation around the world. This teaching always happens in the context of community. So remembering the community in your will is away to help the teaching of meditation to nurture peace and justice - in schools, hospitals, prisons, place of work and of course churches and spiritual communities of all kinds. We need financial and other resources to continue the outreach we have been led to develop over the past forty years.

A bequest may take the form of the whole or a part of your estate, a specified sum of money, real estate, stocks or shares, insurance policies, works of art, collections or personal effects such as jewelry. It is advisable to discuss the way your gift will be most effective with an estate planning adviser or your solicitor.

This is a suggested wording for your will or codicil:

" I DEVISE and BEQUEATH .................(what you wish to leave).....................................

to THE WORLD COMMUNITY FOR CHRISTIAN MEDITATION ("WCCM") - United Kingdom Registered Charity Number 327173)

and I DECLARE that the receipt of the Accountant or a Trustees for the time being of WCCM or any other person or persons appearing to my Trustee to be authorized to give receipts for the benefits passing to WCCM shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustee and my Trustee shall not be liable to see to the application thereof".

This formula describes a bequest for the general use of the community in its work. If you wish to make it more specific you may of course do so. There are simpler formulas than this and they can vary from country to country.