The Rule of St. Benedict - Chapter 2.5: Qualities of the Abbot or Prioress

By Andrew McAlister
Community has a life of its own. This life must continue in love if its members are to grow in responsibility and grace. And in any community, we contribute to and create what the communal is. We both give life to the community and live in its life. This life can be of the Holy Spirit (the love-life of God), and can be of other spirits, other motivations. It is always something of a mix. It is the task of the Community Leader, along with the support of others wise in the Spirit, to preserve community as more a part of the love-life of God. In this, the ask is that all community members become aware of what motivates them, of what they are influenced by, and how they live.
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  • Place:  Australia
  • Date: September 2017