Singapore gives support at a meditation retreat in Myanmar

James Loh, from WCCM Singapore, made a visit to Myanmar, to support Christian Meditation there. You can read below his description of this journey:
Fr Marco Tin Win invited me to help him in a meditation retreat from 12th April to 17th April 2014. I visited Mandalay to assist Fr Marco  at the Church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Chantargone, Mandalay.
My job was to connect them to our global community through our practices, teachings and culture of sort. I was part of a four-member retreat team comprising Fr Marco, Sister Kathleen Geaney (Columban Sister) and Sister Carlista (Burmese sister).
Fr Marco tasked me to speak on the tradition of the prayer word Maranatha as he and the majority of the retreatants are more conversant with the breathing method. 
The day begins at 5.45am with meditation, talks, sharing, periods of silence and simple meals.
A typical day averages 4 to 5 periods of meditation. The day ends at 8.15pm with night prayers and meditation. They had very good seating postures and most of them sat on the floor.
There were about 60 participants majority of whom were women.
Fr Marco’s talks often made reference to the books “Your Daily Practice” and “The Hunger for Depth and Meaning”. I spoke on the prayer word Maranatha, Living in the present moment, symbols of meditation, leaving self behind.
On the last day I suggested they formed weekly groups so that the momentum of the retreat can continue. Twelve leaders and assistant leaders were chosen and 6 weekly groups were formed.
  • Place:  Myanmar
  • Date: April 2014