Thursday Lent week 2

Much of life, from the beating of the heart to our cycle of sleep and rising is repetitive. Perhaps that is why humans become creative and restless, to escape from natural rhythms that seem to entrap us. However, unlike frogs or mushrooms we are aware of the repetitive nature of life and can name it. That awareness itself is our escape beyond the karmic cycle into a different kind of existence characterised by limitless freedom.

There’s the rub. We want to escape but on the other hand we don’t want too much freedom. We prefer silken bonds to tie us to the familiar and predictable, a long leash but not glorious liberty.

Yet on closer examination it is really impossible to repeat anything exactly because every joint and cartilage, every screw and engine part is wearing down and is heading for obsolescence. The rumour of mortality, impermanence, begins the great awakening.

Nothing in my experience brings this truth closer home than meditation and the faithful repetition of the mantra. It cuts the silken bonds and lifts us above the cycle of natural decay into the present moment where we find we have the power of flight in the spiritual realm even to a degree on this earth.

The Cern laboratory recently disappointed many who were hoping that the initial experiment would be verified that suggested that the speed of light is not the fastest thing in the universe. So far it still is. Except for the love that drives all faithful repetition.

Laurence Freeman OSB