WCCM App 2 for Android launched!!


Welcome to the new WCCM App!

This is the Android version, the iPhone/iPad version is awaiting for Apple approval. 



This app is in two sections. You can switch between them by using the Tab bar on top of the screen.

1. The WCCM Feeds Tab

The "WCCM Feeds" tab is visible when you open the App. This offers you the key WCCM feeds from the International website, i.e., :

➤ Weekly Readings
➤ Weekly Teachings
➤ Meditators' Blog
➤ Monthly Tablet Column

Also, depending on the season, you will see other buttons such as for "Advent Reflections", "Daily Lent Readings" or special messages.
You can access this special content by a button link immediately below the four key ones above.


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