WCCM Web Policy

The WCCM official website 
The WCCM official website (www.wccm.org) is the registered domain for The World Community for Christian Meditation. The directors of IT (Adriano Massi) and Communications (Leonardo Corrêa) are responsible for maintenance and content management. 
We have two main target audiences: the community around the world and people seeking for meditation in the Christian tradition and find us in some way (using search engines or social networks, for instance).  
The IT, Communications and WCCM directors are responsible for making decisions for WCCM about information architecture, usability, design, technical structure, and strategy for the official website.  
These decisions are made with consideration of current usability models, information architecture standards, analytics data, the Community’s mission and goals and advice from members of the Community. 
The website content is produced by our team and collaboration from members of National Communities. Use of our content for third entities should be authorized (please, contact Leonardo Correa at leonardo@wccm.org).  
This is the website scope of content:
The Christian Meditation teaching
Publicity of incoming events, retreats, courses, in international level (and sometimes local level)
Coverage of events, retreats, courses in international level (and sometimes local level)
Coverage of facts involving the Community in anyway (inreach/outreach), at international and local level (when it represents a "good practice" or inspiring story. 
The purpose of that scope is create a feeling of unity in the Community at the global level. To succeed on this mission we use different ways/languages: texts, audio, video, live webcasting, live blog, apps, online radio, newsletter, calendar, banners, regular mailings. 
e.g. Since 2014 our general calendar bring events from all parts of the world, not only the ones that Fr. Laurence attends. 
Anyone registered for one of our events, are accepting that we can use your name and photos and videos of you to promote this year's event or future events that we hold. 
2 - Other websites 
The School of Meditation website (http://www.theschoolofmeditation.org/) offers guidance and resources for the mission of teaching Christian Meditation. The responsible for it is the director of School (Kim Nataraja) with the help of IT and Communications.  
The Meditatio Outreach website (http://www.meditatio.co.uk/) provides information about Meditatio Outreach (events and news), Meditatio Centre and Meditatio House. The responsible for it is the director of Special Projects, Briji Waterfield, with the help of IT and Communications.  
The Meditation with Children website (http://www.cominghome.org.au/) provides guidelines and information for Meditation with Children. The website is maintained by Dr. Cathy Day and Ernie Christie (from Townsville, Australia) 
The Meditation in Prisons website (http://www.wccmprison.org/) provides resources and has the purpose of building a network with those that work teaching Christian Meditation in prisons. The responsible is James Bishop.  
Meditatio Store (http://www.meditatiostore.com/) is the WCCM online store. The responsible is the IT director, Adriano Massi.  
Medio Media (http://www.mediomedia.com/) is the digital catalog of books, CDs and DVDs. Is the responsibility of Medio Media, the Publishing Arm of The World Community for Christian Meditation 
2. 1 National Communities and languages websites 
We suggest to the National Communities to consult the IT and Communications directors in cases of doubt about the structure, content and visual identity, when they build or keep up their national websites. 
The IT & Communications directors may give support to Communities/individuals on developing of international events website (such as the John Main Seminar). 

 3. Social Networks 
Social networks are important channels for WCCM to create connections, spread news and the teaching of Christian Meditation.  
We are present in the followed social networks: 
Vimeo, videos  (https://vimeo.com/meditatio
Pinterest, photos  (https://www.pinterest.com/thewccm/
Soundcloud, audio, (https://soundcloud.com/wccm
By submitting a comment or material of any kind on WCCM social media sites, the user hereby agrees with the following: WCCM reserves the right to check all comments before they are posted, and to edit them to preserve readability for other users, reject or remove comments for any reason, including but not limited to comments that are inappropriate due to unsuitable language, the attack of a single person or group, statements made in contradiction to WCCM policy, or spam that explicitly promotes a product or service, or anything else deemed inappropriate by our team.  
Individuals cannot post comments under multiple names or using another person’s name. 
The content published/shared in social networks (audio, video, images, texts) is produced by our team and for collaborators around the world. Members of our Community are always invited to send their own publicity material of events into the director of Communications.  
4. Regular mailings 
The WCCM website provides a  link on the homepage to subscription to our regular mailings.  
This is a free service and people are free to choose whatever readings they wish. 
They may unsubscribe also when they feel so. 
These are our regular mailings:
Daily Wisdom
Weekly Teachings
Weekly Readings
Tablet Column
Monthly Review
Seasonal Reflections (Advent/Lent)
We may use the main list to send out extraordinary messages. 
More details about our privacy policy are available here: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/793435