Our New Web Site...

Welcome to the new web page of The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) - as we begin the celebration of our 20th anniversary. If it is your first visit I hope it will be a memorable part of your spiritual quest. It can also be an ongoing source of support, friendship and stimulation for your ongoing journey and daily practice of meditation.

Sign up as a member and you can choose what regular communications or information you would like to receive.

In time, we will be adding new features to enrich the shared pilgrimage of meditation and the ways that we together bring the fruits of the practice to the world. Greg Ryan is our webmaster and Adriano Massi designs and updates the site. They welcome your comments, suggestions and contributions

Many people who start to meditate speak of it as a 'coming home' experience. We hope each time you visit WCCM.org you will feel that too. A Happy and Peaceful 2011!

Laurence Freeman OSB