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A Supporting Member receives full access to our growing library of retreats, courses, and seminars featuring leading teachers in meditation and contemplative Christianity and other fields, with new offerings added each month.

The WCCM shares the fruit and benefits of contemplation with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Over the last 30 years, we’ve produced a rich body of talks, retreats, courses, and seminars about introducing meditation, deepening the practice and the growth of contemplative Christianity in our time. 

Previously, these materials were only available to those who attended the events in person. But now, with the help of technology, we are able to make this content more freely available to a wider world. 

Access to our core resources will remain free, and everyone can join our My WCCM Portal. But to support our work in sharing the gift of meditation with all, we  invite you to pledge a monthly contribution in an amount of your choice for which you will receive full access to our digital library..  

What does a Supporting Member enjoy?

Library of Digital Offerings

12+ Online Courses
12+ Self-paced retreats
13+ Seminar Recordings
+ More added each month

Peer Discussion Groups

All of our premium offerings have built in discussion groups. Expand your perspective by engaging with peers around topics of interest.

Global Member Network

Join our global network of meditators and connect with others who can support you on your journey, either locally, virtually, or both..

Meet our teachers and speakers.

Content for every occasion.


Original works by WCCM’s teachers that convey our core teachings. Designed to be consumed individually or in small groups


Recordings of past live retreats adapted for individual use including commentary, guides, and sumpplementary materials.


Recordings from our many years of Meditatio Seminars and the John Main Seminar, available in their entirety.

Become a Supporting Member today.

Get unlimited access to our ever-growing library of selected digital content when you sign up for a regular monthly contribution.

Become a Supporting Member today.

Get full access to our ever-growing library of selected digital content when you sign up for a regular monthly contribution.
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