Dear friends

This is the  Anniversary edition of the newsletter just out today which will be published in the new year. I thought over the holidays  you’d like to read  Laurence’s beautiful  letter with his insights and reflections on the community as well as the personal reflections from others . Happy Anniversary WCCM! Christmas blessings to all. Love Pauline Peters

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The journey to our own heart is a journey into every heart.  And in the first light of the real we see that this is the communion which is the kingdom Jesus was born to establish and in which he is born again in every human heart to realize.  What we have left behind is loneliness, confusion, and isolation.  What we have found is communion, sureness, and love. Our way is simplicity and fidelity.  The simplicity of the mantra. Our fidelity to our daily meditation. As we travel this way we are drawn closer together by the same power of love that unites us.  John Main OSB


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