New Visions for Today’s Leaders

Making Time for Personal and Social Transformation! A Three-day in person retreat September 23-26 2021, Kloster Fischingen, Switzerland.


Sep 23 - 26 2021


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Leaders can be precious cornerstones of society. As their personal values and visions influence their behavior and actions, leaders have a profound impact on economic, social, and ecological development.


Leaders who have undergone a personal transformation of vision become agents of transformation in the world. With that in mind, we would like to introduce business leaders to the ancient practice and universal wisdom of meditation.
Meditation is a simple discipline that enables a powerful but gentle inner transformation. It does not solve problems in itself but opens new ways of dealing with them especially in challenging situations where difficult decisions are required. The practice of meditation not only reduces stress and anxiety but also boosts innate personal qualities such as discernment, empathy, and spirit of service. Through meditation efficient actions become grounded in inner stability, social justice comes out of the awareness that everything is interdependent, and ethical governance is based on a strong personal sense of taking responsibility. These insights will sustain an effective, transformative, and responsible leadership. Hedge fund owner and philanthropist Ray Dalio considers “meditation as the single most important reason for his success and the greatest gift he could give anyone”.

This retreat will include talks by:

Bertrand Bouhour, Angelina Chan. Laurence Freeman OSB, Philipp Hildebrand, Peter Ng Kok Song, Melanie Schultz van Haegen and Jenny Scott


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1'800 - 2'200 All prices in CHf
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  • Double Room CHF 1'800.00

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