WCCM in Communion with New Zealand in this time of Grief

Dear Linda *

After meditation this morning I heard the awful news from Christchurch.

I left a message on your phone to say I hold you all in my heart – as will our whole community – as you and all New Zealanders endure this terrible trauma.

It is too soon for many words – but in the face of the cruel darkness that can gather in the human heart it makes me feel how

important is our work of helping people to find the light within – a light which the darkest darkness can never extinguish.

Much love

Laurence Freeman

* Linda Polaschek is the WCCM New Zealand Coordinator

We wish to thank everyone for their loving support at this time of deep sadness. 

Our nation has come together in support of our sisters and brothers in our Muslim community, affirming we are all part of the one human family in this country. As Laurence said in his Lenten reflection on Tuesday 19 March, “paradoxically the worst evokes the best.. a certain kind of light we cannot understand shines in the densest darkness and the darkness cannot quench it”. 

And for us, John Main’s vision that meditation creates community has been lived out in a very concrete way since the dreadful mosque murders in our land. Your prayers and messages have moved us and, in an inexplicable way, helped to lighten our heavy hearts. 

Linda Polaschek, WCCM NZ National Coordinator

Dear Mr Shagaf Khan *

 On behalf of the New Zealand Community for Christian Meditation, may I express our sincere condolences at the loss of life and injuries suffered by your people yesterday in the terrorist attack on the two mosques in Christchurch. 

All thoughtful New Zealanders are appalled at this atrocity committed against innocent people within your community in the country we all share. For religious people it is especially saddening that this terrorist attack, made against you as Muslims, happened when you were together in prayer to God.

 Please be assured of our prayers in this difficult time, and our support for any actions that will be implemented to ensure such an atrocity will not happen again in our country. May you know within your community the peace of God the most Merciful as you continue to serve Him.   

Linda Polaschek, WCCM NZ National Coordinator

* Shagaf Khan is the President of the Muslim Association of Canterbury (Al-Noor Mosque), Christchurch, NZ

Message from Marcella, National Coordinator for Luxembourg:

We are very grateful for Fr Laurence’s message re the Christchurch atrocity. It spurred us into action. We meet as a group in the Rédemptoriste monastery in Luxembourg city and the parish priest here Fr Ed Hone whom I copied on Fr Laurence’s message volunteered to send a message to the Muslim community on behalf of the catholic English speaking city parish of Notre Dame. We received a very nice reply and an invitation to a peace vigil being organised in a public square in town on Friday evening last by the Muslim community. Some of us who were free attended this vigil and it was very meaningful. It reminded us that we have so much that unites us, not least the essential place of Peace and Love in both religions. Our priest,Fr Hone,also said a few words to express our sympathy and support at this vigil.The leader of the Muslim community who spoke said it was organized in haste and the first time the Muslim community had come together publicly in a public place in Luxembourg. I like to think our message of support might have had something to do with that. 

I really feel that something good has come from horror and Love banished Hate. 

 Best wishes

Marcella Mc Carthy, WCCM Luxembourg Coordinator

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