Hope for the Future

Meditatio Seminar 2016

With Laurence Freeman OSB

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Given that most of our communication and exploration is - for the moment – online,
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The Meditatio Seminar “Hope for the Future: Meditation in Schools”, was held at Heythrop College, London on 29 June. The Seminar was fully booked withover 200 participants from education around the world. The keynote speaker Dr.Rowan Williams, Laurence Freeman OSB, Dr. Cathy Day and Ernie Christie (Townsville Catholic Education Office, Australia), Sister Ruth Montrichard (WCCM National Coordinator for the Caribbean), Paul Tratnyek (WCCM School Liaison in Canada), Patricia Por (WCCM National Coordinator for Malaysia) and Clare Marie Burchall (retired Head Teacher from the UK). A WCCM report on “The Heart of Education: Meditation with Children”, was presented by Jim Green who compiled the report. Briji Waterfield, WCCM Director of Special Projects, presented a trailer on “Share the Gift” – an online course for teachers.

What you will discover on this seminar:

Session One

Seminar Introduction by Ernie Christie

Session Two

Reflections by Laurence Freeman 

Session Three

Keynote Address by Dr. Rowan Williams

Session Four

Jim Green – “The Heart of Education”


Session Five

“Work in Different Countries”

Session Six

Ernie Christie – “The Leadership Factor”

Session Seven

Laurence Freeman OSB – “A Life-Giving Way”

Session Eight

Sr. Ruth Montrichard – “Purveyors of Hope and Opportunity”

Session Nine

Briji Waterfield – “Share the Gift Launch”

Session Ten

Q&A Forum Led by Cathy Day

Session Eleven

Closing by Laurence Freeman OSB

Hope for the Future

An Online Seminar with Laurence Freeman OSB

Free for Supporting Members

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Lifetime Access
Laurence Freeman OSB

About Laurence Freeman OSB

Laurence Freeman is a Benedictine monk of the Monastery of Sta Maria di Pilastrello, Lendinara, in the Benedictine Congregation of Monte Oliveto and Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation. He is also Director of Bonnevaux, the International Centre of the World Community for Christian Meditation where he now resides. Fr Laurence 

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