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John Main OSB

WCCM is a global contemplative family in the Christian tradition committed to serving the unity of all.

About Us

2021 is the 30th anniversary of the launch of WCCM. In this time we have been growing as a global contemplative network, a spiritual family rooted in Christian faith. Committed to building a way of peace in our time of conflict, we serve unity among all to build a community of faith composed of people with many beliefs. Meditation for us is a way to open the common ground of humanity. So we work with other faiths and the secular world to develop the consciousness needed for a new, just way of living as a human family in harmony with our natural environment.

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helps us share the gift of meditation more widely and gives you access to an ever-growing body of recorded retreats, seminars and online courses. A monthly donation of your choice is the way, so please

Nature & the Environment

A Contemplative Approach to the crisis

The city of Glasgow is preparing to host the vital COP26 Climate Conference from the 31st October to 12 November 2021. Postponed from last year because of the pandemic, and with the window of opportunity already very tight to make the essential changes, it is now even more urgent that the international delegates negotiate with their focus on the needs of the whole world, and take fully into account those communities already suffering from the warming of the planet. The gift of meditation and the development of the contemplative mind has never been more important. 

Keep informed about WCCM events and resources related to COP26.

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We offer a range of regular opportunities to share immediately with other meditators in silence, body work, worship and teaching

Visit Our Retreat Centre

Bonnevaux centre for Peace

The international home of a monastery without walls, Bonnevaux is developing on the site of a 12th century Abbey energised by centuries of contemplative silence in the humane spirit of St Benedict. A resident community lives here in the spirit of Benedictine wisdom following a daily rhythm of life, balancing daily times of prayer, work and study. Hospitality for guests, retreats and conferences share the peace of Bonnevaux with many so they can transmit it to others.

Upcoming Retreats & Events

Our events offer many opportunities to learn to meditate and to integrate the practice into daily life, to deepen its fruits in the service of others, to share the experience of meditation inclusively, coming to self-knowledge in the discovery of our interconnectedness

Online Offerings

Learn the essentials of meditation, contemplative Christianity, inter-faith dialogue, and both personal and social transformation.


How to Meditate

A 3-part mini-course showing you the basics of how to start your meditation journey

$44.99 (Free for Supporting Members)

Sources Of Wisdom

A 6-part retreat for a time of self-isolating and social distance

We are growing as a community of meditators in more than 100 countries, committed to developing a contemplative Christian life for our time and to dialogue between religion, science, business and art, body and mind. At the heart of this community is the meeting of many weekly groups, both physically and online, which introduce the essential teaching of meditation and help to deepen the inner journey. Personal transformation leads then to social and global transformation.

"Experience is the Teacher"
Meditators speak of the fruit of silence

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