The School Retreat

An intensive week-long meditation retreat

The School Retreat is an intensive week-long meditation retreat. It is most suitable for those who have been meditating for some time in our tradition and who have begun to integrate meditation seriously into their daily life. It is not required, but it is helpful to have attended the Essential Teaching Workshop. 

On each day of the retreat there are up to 8 periods of meditation. In between these there are periods of contemplative walking, a short talk in the morning by the retreat leader and a 15-minute meeting with one of the team directing the retreat. A contemplative Eucharist with meditation takes place in the early evening. The day is otherwise a time of complete silence including from digital communication. 

Despite the intensity of this retreat participants feel a strong connection and support among each other and with the Spirit that is being shared among them. This is an opportunity for deepening and simplifying ones inner journey that bears much subsequent fruit in one’s life and practice.

If you are interested in participating in this retreat and have any further questions please contact your national coordinator. A number of School Retreats are held around the world at different times each year. A programme of the School retreat may be viewed below. Each person on the retreat commits to a full participation in the programme.

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School Retreat sample Program

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