Contemporary Anxiety

A contemplative response to three of the big issues facing us in the 21st century.

Special Series

We have chosen three topics that seem to be of great concern to us all today: the climate emergency, artificial intelligence and culture wars.

The first episode with Jason Brown will reflect on ecological grief as an essential component of a contemplative ecology. In the second episode, reverend Sarah Bachelard will dive in the realm of the anxieties of speech. We live in a time when speaking on a whole range of issues seems profoundly fraught. The possibility of dialogue, questioning and honest disagreement seems often unattainable, so sensitised are we to certain verbal cues and so charged is our political atmosphere. Finally, the last episode will see Ilia Delio, in conversation with Laurence Freeman OSB, examine the role of technology, how it is radically changing our world, questioning the impacts it is having on us and our beliefs.


Join our renowned speakers on these issues to discuss if our contemplative practice can see us developing a more helpful perspective and response.

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Monday 11 March

Jason Brown
Jason M Brown

Contemplative Ecology and Grieving Through Dark Times

Jason M Brown, Lecturer in Religious Studies and Ecological Humanities

In this talk, Jason Brown will muse on ecological grief as an essential component of a contemplative ecology.

Saturday 15 June

Sarah Bachelard, WCCM
Sarah Bachelard

Shouting, Cancelling, Signalling: Christ and the Anxieties of Speech

Sarah Bachelard, theologian and leader of the Benedictus Contemplative Church in Canberra, Australia

We live in a time when speaking on a whole range of issues seems profoundly fraught. In some contexts, flagrant untruth and hate are asserted seemingly without consequence or effective critique.

Tuesday 29 October

Ilia Delio
Ilia Delio

The Unfinished God in a Techno-Driven World

Ilia Delio, American theologian, dialogue with Laurence Freeman

Technology is our fastest evolver today and it is radically changing our world.  In centuries past, religion dominated culture because it stabilized society and advocated norms of unity.   Has technology come to replace religion in our own time?

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