Six Week Introduction to Meditation

This  introductory course is a step by step guide into the practice and purpose of Christian Meditation. The practice will lead you into fuller self-knowledge and self-acceptance. It is therefore a deeply personal experience. Which brings benefits and spiritual fruits. One of these fruits is understanding that we practice meditation not in isolation but in a field of spiritual friendship. This is why WCCM is a community.

Community is one the fruits of meditation that helps us to keep going when we get discouraged. It is a rich context providing immense spiritual resources from the Christian contemplative tradition and our dialogue with other faiths and fields of human knowledge.  

This course runs on a weekly basis and maybe followed singly or in a group. It provides all the necessary reading and other material each week. Each session has a welcome, a talk, a meditation period and time for questions and discussion.

  • How to Facilitate the Course

If you would like to facilitate this course for a group wishing to learn about meditation or to refresh their practice, your national coordinator can advise and support you. You will need to use the accompanying Course Book for presenters. 

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Introduction and Overview

Week 1: What is Christian meditation?

Week 2: John Main

Week 3: The Roots of our Tradition

Week 4: The Wheel of Prayer

Week 5: Leaving Self Behind

Week 6: The Fruits of Meditation


  • Supplementary Material​

John Main’s Journey

The Roots of Christian Meditation

The Practice of Christian Meditation

Introduction to Christian Meditation by Kim Nataraja (presentation)

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