Roots of Christian Mysticism Course

Roots of Christian Mysticism Course

Christianity has frequently been reduced to a system of morality, of orthodoxy of belief or religious observance. This fails to see that Christianity is a mystical religion. The purpose of all it is teachings and ritual is to lead the follower into a direct and fully personal experience of Christ within. In his book ‘Jesus the Teacher Within‘ Laurence Freeman opens up this approach to a contemplative Christianity. 

The mystical tradition has often been neglected which has deprived christians of the full depth and meaning of their faith. In the Roots of Christian Mysticism Course an overview of this tradition is presented from its origins in the Gospels and until the present day. 

Each class focuses either on a specific figure in the tradition or on one of the many schools of mystical wisdom which it has generated. Each presenter has a personal expertise in one or more fields and connects their content to the wider picture through accompanying texts and commentaries. 

Participants on this online course are encouraged to feel the connection between the wisdom tradition and their own evolving experience. The award-winning book ‘Journey to the Heart‘ edited by Kim Nataraja is a ideal accompanying guide for this course.  Special provisions can be made for a group who wish to take the course online together.

The ‘Roots Course’ may also be delivered in a live local format. If you are interested in helping to organize one of these please contact your national coordinator.

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