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We are a global spiritual Community united in the practice of meditation in the Christian tradition. Meditation in daily life is the heart of the WCCM Community: the experience of Being as the foundation of all Action. Share your story here (or the story of your local meditation group or community) to help strengthen and enliven our Community telling us how meditation has changed your life.

‘Sharing your story’ helps us to celebrate our successes in spreading the gift of Christian Meditation and can inspire people to donate, fundraise or volunteer allowing us to continue our work. Vocal Video, our software platform, is simple to use and you don’t need to install any additional software to do so. Follow the steps below to share your story.

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Remember – no matter what corner of the earth we’re drawn from, we’re celebrating the transformative power of Christian Meditation in our lives and communities. So, just be yourself and enjoy having your say – you’re amongst friends! Please note that your recording will be reviewed by us and may be published at a later date.

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Beholding Divine Beauty
And God Saw That It Was Very Good
share what's good for you beholding divine beauty

WCCM 2024 Theme is Beholding Divine Beauty And God Saw That it Was Very Good. 

When you hear the verse from the Book of Genesis, “and God saw that it was very good” what in particular is very good for you? 

A poem or a work of art? Someone you love, the place, a moment in time?  


Featured Story
Play Video about Share your story, Thomas

Thomas, a meditator from Germany shares his thoughts and reflections on his visit to Bonnevaux WCCM, Centre for Peace. He took part in the ‘Seeing with the Heart’ in-person retreat led by Cynthia Bourgeault in Bonnevaux, 9 – 13 November 2021.

Words of change

"Unveiling, exploring and discovering my strengths and weaknesses has been an endless journey of gifts, it doesn't stop, it expands. I see myself within different contemplative colours and avenues of action at the same time. Between spaces of Silence, breathing, stillness, deep pauses open up to experience within a blue Ocean with its gentle and more intense waves, moments of light and sunshine and moments of darkness riding together towards more LIGHT, more Faith, more Hope... towards God.

"Desvelar, explorar y descubrir mis puntos fuertes y débiles ha sido un viaje interminable de dones, no se detiene, se expande. Me veo dentro de diferentes colores contemplativos y avenidas de acción al mismo tiempo. Entre espacios de Silencio, respiración, quietud, se abren pausas profundas para experimentar dentro de un Océano azul con sus olas suaves y más intensas, momentos de luz y sol y momentos de oscuridad cabalgando juntos hacia más LUZ, más Fe, más Esperanza... hacia Dios."

Maria Antonieta Lanz, a meditator (John Main Seminar 2023)

"The power of the retreat came from the realisation that we do indeed, have the means to overcome the deeply concerning predicament of our planet, through all the wisdom given to us from all the mystical traditions, that we have been so blessed with, and from the enduring power, strength and fortitude that comes from the practice of true meditation.
It reminded me of how faith draws grace, enabling us to overcome obstacles, that we could never overcome with our own unaided power, making possible that, which at times seems utterly impossible."
Ann Hellyer
a meditator (John Main Seminar 2023
Share your story
Meditators speak of their journey of change through meditation

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One of regular publications featuring original pieces from our teachers and community members. The In Focus section features stories of change by meditators from all over the world.

Meditator's Blog

Anne-Marie, meditator from Australia

“Silence is growing inside me. It’s like this big expansive field. You know, my reactions aren’t as quick. I’ve got more ability to stand back. Just that little bit more. But I wouldn’t like to say life is perfect, but I’m so grateful.” 

Anne-Marie, a meditator from Australia, shares her story of change. 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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