Silence is growing like a big expansive field

Anne-Marie, meditator from Australia

Hello. My name is Anne Marie, and I’m delighted to be able to be given this opportunity to share what a gift meditation has been for me. 

It has opened up my life in so many ways more than I can tell you. This does not mean that there isn’t continuing heartache and many concerns that I have. But I’m also learning to let go of these concerns and to trust just that little bit more in a love that is greater than myself. 

Well, I was brought up in a family where there was a lot of chaos. Alcoholism was one of the big factors, and I developed a lot of habits that did not serve me well. Fear of other people in particular, fear of people’s reactions. And I passed these on to other people without even knowing it.  And, of course, you project onto others what you think they are feeling and thinking, and you’re not always right. It’s very unhealthy. 

But I got to a stage in my life where things crashed and I knew I had to have a practice of silence I’ve got more ability to stand back, just that little bit more.
Anne-Marie, meditator from Australia
Anne-Marie, meditator from Australia

Well, there’s been no looking back for me, there really hasn’t. Silence is growing inside me. It’s like this big expansive field. You know, my reactions aren’t as quick. I’ve got more ability to stand back. Just that little bit more. But I wouldn’t like to say life is perfect, but I’m so grateful. 

And my whole life now is devoted to wanting to share this gift with others, particularly those who struggle with themselves just like I did. So thank you again for this opportunity. Bye for now.

If you’d like to share how meditation has impacted your life, share your story of change with us. 

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