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In our tradition of contemplation, ‘experience is the teacher’ and the ‘teacher within’ each person teaches us through our experience. The WCCM is also blessed with a large number of teachers around the world who have been formed by their own experience and their study within our tradition. These teachers form a core of meditators who teach through retreats and seminars, writing and dialogue and other materials for the benefit of meditators worldwide.

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  • Founding Teachers
  • Community Teachers
Tayna Malaspina

Taynã Malaspina

BRAZIL – Taynã is a WCCM oblate and International Coordinator of Meditation for Young people. She started her work in the community with a meditation project with children. She graduated in Social Communication with a master’s degree in Social Psychology.

Liz Watson

Liz Watson

UK – Liz was UK National Coordinator before stepping back from leadership roles to focus on teaching meditation and spiritual direction. She made her career in the public library system, and after a change of direction studied for an MA in Theology.

Sarah Bachelard, WCCM

Sarah Bachelard

Sarah Bachelard is an Anglican priest and theologian based in Canberra, Australia. She is the founder and leader of Benedictus Contemplative Church and is a member of The World Community for Christian Meditation.

Jim Green

Jim Green has worked for many years in the field of mental health with local and national organisations. He has been an oblate of The World Community for Christian Meditation since 2009.

Noel Keating

Noel Keating has spent forty years in the education sector in Ireland, as a teacher, principal and education officer. He is a voluntary coordinator of the Meditation with Children Project

Kim Nataraja

Kim Nataraja is the Benedictine Oblate to the WCCM. From 1999 to 2016, Kim was director of The World Community for Christian Meditation School of Meditation.

Stefan Reynolds, WCCM

Stefan G Reynolds

Stefan Gillow Reynolds is Retreat Director at Mount Melleray Abbey, Co Waterford, Ireland. He teaches Christian Meditation and is author of the online Roots of Christian Mysticism Course.

Peter Ng

Peter Ng Kok Song

Peter Ng is a member of the WCCM Executive Committee and National Coordinator for WCCM Singapore. He is Chairman and Founding Partner of Singapore-based Avanda Investment Management.

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