Training Teachers to Meditate with Children

Children can meditate and like to meditate. The classroom is a very effective way of introducing them to a regular practice that can become a discipline in later life. Many children report that they choose to meditate at home as a result of what they are experiencing in the classroom. This suggests - together with our more formal research - that meditation is entirely natural for children. Yet, as with other life skills, it needs to be introduced and supported early on. This highlights the crucial role of the teacher in the classroom and therefore the importance of introducing meditation to teachers themselves so that they can awaken the natural capacity of the child for meditation.

WCCM in its work in this field has built up a significant amount of experience and resources for helping teachers share this gift with their students. In doing so, teachers themselves often feel that their own teaching vocation is renewed and a deeper relationship with the children develops. Many teachers say that children who meditate together in class are easier to teach and their behaviour shows that they are nicer and more gentle with each other.

Anyone interested in bringing meditation into schools should contact their national coordinator. Below are listed some of the resources we have produced.

  • Resources

Teaching Christian Meditation to Children Session 1 by Ruth Fowler

Teaching Christian Meditation to Children Session 2 by Ruth Fowler

Training the Teachers to meditate with children Introductory Presentation 1 by Kim Nataraja

Training the Teachers to meditate with Children Introductory Presentation 2 by Kim Nataraja

Bibliography for Meditation with Children

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