The courses here cover a panorama of Christian topics, from the roots of Christian mysticism to Christian mediation, to healing and wellbeing. This growing list is designed to help you enrich your spiritual life as a Christian or as someone intrigued by our interfaith openness, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. Raise your awareness of what contemplation is and how what you learn here can apply to your social life, work life, faith life and more. May what you find in our courses strengthen your personal relationship with a loving God.

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How to Meditate

A 3-part mini-course showing you the basics of how to start your meditation journey

  • Contemplative Christianity
In the silence of meditation, when you go beyond thought and imagination, you begin to understand that being is what life is about. In meditation you are learning to be. To be is to live as the person you are, without trying to justify your existence or make excuses for your personality. Just to be, as you are. The wonder of it is that the more simple you become, the more you are able to enjoy to the full the gift of your being.

- John Main, OSB

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