Contemplative Christianity for our Time

A course inspired by the John Main Seminar 2019

With Sarah Bachelard

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Given that most of our communication and exploration is - for the moment – online,
what better time to take part in an online retreat?

This course consists of five sections. Each of these sections concentrates on one of the five talks delivered by Sarah Bachelard at the John Main Seminar of 2019. Within each section are five lessons: three of these lessons consist of video recordings of the talk, as delivered to the audience in Canada. Each of the three video lessons (usually between 15 and 20 minutes long) is accompanied by a selection of quotes from the talk and a number of prompts and questions which we hope will serve to support your experience of, and reflections on, the talks. Each video selection, with the accompanying quotes and prompts, constitutes one lesson.

Sometimes a highlighted quote from the talk is accompanied by a linked prompt or question. Sometimes a passage is highlighted without comment where we feel that it simply invites, on its own terms, a deeper engagement and more time for reflection. This is your opportunity to chew on these rich words and ideas, at your leisure.

The areas discussed by Sarah can sometimes be thought of as theologically or philosophically challenging, even difficult. However, the style of presentation means that the apparently abstract is never left as merely abstract. We are constantly returned to the implications for the real world, for our practice, for our own lives. The kind of questioning and reflection that we hope to encourage throughout the course is not necessarily a detached consideration of themes and issues ‘out there’ (fascinating and valuable though that very often is.) Rather, the invitation is to make a reality of the vital questions that Sarah raises by always relating them to your own lived experience and to your own practice.

What you will discover on this retreat:

Session One

Contemplation and Christianity in our Time

Session Two

Religionless Christianity in a Secular Age

Session Three

Jesus the Christ

Session Four

The Vocation of a Contemplative Community

Session Five

A Church Come of Age

Listen to the first session of this course from Sarah Bachelard

Have a taste of the course, by listening to this podcast from the John Main Seminar 2019

Contemplative Christianity for our Time

An Online Retreat with Sarah Bachelard


Lifetime Access
Sarah Bachelard

About Sarah Bachelard

Sarah Bachelard is an Anglican priest and theologian based in Canberra, Australia. She is the founder and leader of Benedictus Contemplative Church and is a member of The World Community for Christian Meditation. 


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