Annual Programme

Online Events are organised by WCCM, and On-the-Ground Events are organised by l’Association Abbaye de Bonnevaux – Centre pour le Paix (ABP).

Save the Date: John Main Seminar and Pre-Seminar Retreat at Bonnevaux

This year, the Seminar will be held at Bonnevaux and led by Herman Van Rompuy and Laurence Freeman. The Seminar will be preceded by a 3-day preparatory retreat.

  • Online Series

The space between words: How to read the Bible and other Sacred texts

In this series Laurence Freeman will help us rediscover the art of reading any sacred text contemplatively, by learning to engage with the books that make up the Hebrew and Christian Bible.

Seeing What St. Paul Saw

St Paul is usually misunderstood. Understandably, because he was an intense personality, a volcano of vision and passion. But failing to see what he is teaching is to miss out on one of the great sources of wisdom.

Beholding Divine Beauty

In 2024 the theme for our online series will explore Beauty, Goodness and the Act of Creation in all senses, including art, theology and social justice.

Into the Mystics

Bernard McGinn, the most preeminent scholar of mysticism in the Western Christian tradition, will lead a 10 talk series on his favourite mystics and why he believes they still speak to us today.

Contemporary Anxiety

A contemplative response to three of the big issues facing us in the 21st century.

Learning to Meditate

Four weekly online sessions to start the journey of meditation with Laurence Freeman.

The Future of Wisdom and Intelligence

A Series of 4 Round Table Discussions on Thursday Evenings
In Partnership with the Scientific and Medical Network

Future of Intelligence

In this series of round table dialogues, we will explore integral intelligence: the several balanced and unified forms of intelligence that humanity is gifted with. Speakers in the series will draw on left and right hemisphere styles of attention and investigate the unique nature of spiritual intelligence, the risks of AI, and finally that art of socio-political intelligence.

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Events for WCCM and Bonnevaux in 2023

2024 Programme - Save the Date

2024 Major Annual Events to save on your diary

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