Seeing What St Paul Saw

A Series of 4 Talks, Monday Evenings

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St Paul is usually misunderstood. Understandably, because he was an intense personality, a volcano of vision and passion. But failing to see what he is teaching is to miss out on one of our great sources of wisdom. He was very human and knew that he was flawed. But he was filled with a self-communicating experience of the Risen Christ that penetrated his personality as it does ours. Paul’s encounter with Christ turned him from fundamentalism to liberty of spirit, and turned his life inside out. Seeing what he saw helps us to see our own potential, and our calling into the meaning of Christ-centred faith.

In this series of teachings, Laurence Freeman will connect the earthy mysticism of Paul with our own inner journey, and explore how it changes the options we face about how we live. The old and the new self, the Mind of Christ, death and resurrection, liberty of spirit, the fruits and gifts of the Spirit, human relationships and life in community – these are some of the threads of Paul’s exuberant and profound vision of living our life as it can be lived.

In this series of talks, Fr Laurence will weave the many strands of Pauline teaching together. So if you have avoided St Paul, have never read him, or if you have glimpsed the reality he saw and communicates, this series will help you discover for yourself what it is that transformed this very human and passionate ‘apostle to the nations’ and how it can do the same for us.

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The prices reflect the need to achieve self sufficiency. Therefore if you’re able to give a little more we would be very grateful. If you need a concession please let us know. We do not turn anybody away for lack of resource.

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28 March 2022

Paul: A Contradiction like us?

We begin by identifying what we may feel about Paul. Is his complex personality so different from ours? In his historical context we can get past our first reactions to some of the tough passages in his letters, showing us a tenderly passionate, earthily mystical individual wrestling with his destiny like a boddhisatva who loved Christ more than himself.

09 May 2022

A Way of Faith

Paul sees the gospel – not as a belief system that is imposed on us – but as a way of salvation ‘starting and ending in faith’. But what does he mean by ‘faith’? Relationship, a healing knowledge, a vision of things unseen, a lifestyle.

04 July 2022

The Old Self and the New Self​

Having experienced total conversion through his encounter with the Risen Christ on the road to Damascus, Paul came to see the healing of the divided self as the first step in a fuller human existence.

28 Nov 2022

Paul saw the consciousness of Christ melting all divisions by integrating us with the whole of creation, even beyond anything we can imagine, while at the same time enabling a new kind of human society.

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