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Weekly Readings & Teachings are insights and spiritual teachings on a 3 year cycle, curated by our core teachers.

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Orchard in Bonnevaux

This is The Present

8.1.2021. An excerpt from John Main OSB “Fullness of Being” in The Hunger for Depth and Meaning (Singapore: Medio Media, 2007), p. 28.

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The Thread of Light

7.25.2021 A selection from “Touching Reality” by Laurence Freeman (a tape series
available from

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Latest Weekly Teachings


Meditation as Transformation

We have heard John Man and Laurence Freeman stress the transformative power of meditation. Indeed, when we faithfully repeat our prayer word, our mantra, soon

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The Spirit and Prayer

We have looked at the meaning of the ‘Kingdom’, an important concept. Another important one to consider is the ‘Spirit’. What is meant by that

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