Monte Oliveto Retreat

What is it?

The annual Monte Oliveto Retreat will bring meditators together from around the world to the peace of the spiritual home of the Olivetan Benedictine Congregation in Tuscany. In the year 2020, however, the retreat was relocated to Bonnevaux Center for Peace in Western France, the new spiritual home of the WCCM. Despite the change in location, the original spirit of the retreat remains.

The day is made up of times of meditation, yoga, teaching, worship, solitude and sharing. The surrounding countryside invites for afternoon walks and artistic creation. The spirit of silence during the day renews the spirit, while the evening meals a time of relaxation and friendship with retreatants from different countries.

Who can attend?

The retreat is open to all, though it would be very advisable to have some experience of regular meditation before participating in this week-long silent retreat. Participants commit to the whole week and this is a condition of acceptance on the retreat.

When is it?

This retreat is typically held in the summer months, but exact dates vary from year to year. To stay informed about upcoming retreats, please join our mailing list.

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Monte Oliveto Retreat (2017) led by Laurence Freeman OSB and Giovanni Felicioni


Monte Oliveto Retreat (2016) led by Laurence Freeman OSB

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