Great balancing power


In the light of this experience of meditation, we are able to see the balance of love in our life, this great balancing power of love that creates us, that accompanies us throughout our life; that heals — sometimes painfully – that heals and teaches us. The love that is with us, that accompanies us on the journey. Not the love that we are trying to gain, but the love that is constantly with us. Our eyes are opened, through meditation, to see how much this power of love is present in the midst of all our imbalance, all our own waywardness, all our own distractedness. Even in the distractedness of our meditation, we are able to understand, to perceive, to feel more and more deeply, the presence of peace. And what it teaches us also, as it teaches us to love ourselves, to love others and to love God, is that all relationships are really aspects of one relationship.

 ( Aspects of Love 3 by Laurence Freeman OSB )

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