WCCM programme at the World Youth Day 2023

Our reason for going is to share meditation with young people as a way of faith to help them continue to grow into adulthood with an ever maturing spiritual life

Retreat in Leiria
WCCM at the WYD in Lisbon

Within the young people’s programme of WCCM, we have decided to participate in the World Youth Day (Lisbon, from August 1st to 6th).

The focus of the World Youth Day is to bring together young people (up to 40 years old). If you are in this age group or know someone who might be interested, please forward this information.

Our reason for going is to share meditation as a way of faith to help them continue to grow into adulthood with an ever maturing spiritual life. We will also share our ecumenical, inclusive contemplative community with them.

In addition to the World Youth Day programme, we will be having a retreat with Laurence Freeman in Leiria, close to Fatima (July 28-31). Fatima is also a place known as a sacred place in our tradition. This will be an opportunity to be in community, prayer, meditation and inspired by two great names in our tradition: Pope Francis and Laurence Freeman.

We hope to see you in Portugal!

With love and friendship on our shared path,

WCCM Young Adults Programme Team


Detailed Programme

World Youth Day (Lisbon, August 1-6)
Pre Event Retreat with Laurence Freeman in Leiria/Fatima (July 28-31)

Contribution (total) 995€  

Are you interested?

Cost Breakdown

World Youth Day Package 255€ 
– Includes accommodation (, meal, transportation, insurance and pilgrim’s kit, from the evening of the 31st of July (dinner included) until the morning of the 8th of August (breakfast included)
Accommodation: The journey offers accommodation, but we chose to rent an apartment in Lisbon so that the group can stay together and experience community.
WCCM Apartment in Lisbon  555€  
In Lisbon, WYD offers accommodation in families houses, pavilions, schools, gyms, among other collective spaces. In this format, we cannot guarantee that the group will always be together.
We chose to reserve a space (some apartments with common spaces) in the center of Lisbon to accommodate our group so that we could live a community experience guided by Laurence Freeman. This way, we will participate in the activities of the day and also have our programme in this space (with conversation and periods of meditation with Laurence)
Pre Event Retreat with Laurence Freeman in Leiria + Visit in Fatima (July 28-31) 185€  
The retreat will happen in Leiria (neighboring city of Fatima):
TOTAL Contribution 995€  


Transportation from Lisbon to Leiria.
We indicate the use of public transport or by the company:
Airfare is not included in the package we will offer.
Each participant will be responsible for the trip to Fatima/Lisbon.
This event is intended for young people up to 40 years old. 
Please do not make a wire transfer if you are above this age.
Your registration will be confirmed after sending receipt of payment to the email

Who is this activity for?

Younger meditators (or interested in meditation) up to 40 years old

Are you interested?


We have a few scholarships available (full or partial) to make it possible for some young people who cannot pay for participation. The process will go through analysis and interview. Please, if you need a scholarship,  please contact us via email HERE.
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