Graeme Watson: Meditation Has Been a Flowering of Something Deeply Rooted in Me

Wouldn’t it be good and helpful if I could write to you from that further shore to tell you about what it is like to be in the joy and bliss of heaven, or even approaching that place which is beyond all the pains and agonies of our humdrum day-to-day existence?  Sadly, I cannot. I am still on this earth, but approaching that day when I shall breathe my last, and be carried to a better place, as is my steadfast hope.  

It’s a lovely sunny morning Christmas Eve here in London.  Later in the day many people around the world will be tuning into the ever popular Kings College service of Lessons and Carols, as Liz and I will be doing, “going even unto Bethlehem, where Jesus Saviour of the world was born”.

As I approach that day of departure from this earth, there will of course be powerful feelings of loss and sorrow for those I leave behind, my many dear friends and family, my darling Liz, but my overwhelming thoughts are of thanksgiving for a life which has been truly blessed, not least in the last twenty years with my discovery of the gift of Christian Meditation.  For me it has been a flowering of something deeply rooted in me, which needed space and time to develop. In due course, and with Laurence’s friendship and encouragement, I wrote a couple of books and articles, and have given recorded talks, which have helped to spread the word around the world . Some 16 years ago I shared in founding and nourishing a weekly Meditation group in my own church, and for 10 years was Co-ordinator of the NE London Region working alongside Eileen McDade  and Geoff Waterhouse. For 3 years I also supported Liz in her role as National Coordinator.                                                              

Today is Christmas Day, and, God be praised, I feel well enough to go to church to the all-age service but not staying beyond the sharing of the Peace,

A good point I think to wish you all my greetings wherever you are in your own journey of faith.  

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