So Long Steve

Steve Jobs is dead. This might  seem something pretty unrelated to Christian Meditation even if it’s something sad to hear in itself.

But if you think about all our web resources, our websites, our newsletters, nearly everything; you should know that most of it all has been created using Apple hardware.

During many long nights I spent – and still spend – working for WCCM I rely mainly on only one trustworthy  friend. My MacBook.

Steve’s vision has allowed millions to work with very dependable tools to produce things which have helped many more millions.

We IT people working for the Community, want to say: “Farewell Steve, and thank you for having made it more possible for us to do our job of bringing spiritual inspiration to people seeking it all around the world. We know you shall not rest in peace, cause you never rested and most probably you never will… but we know that you shall continue to inspire and create in the new existence you are dwelling in now.”

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