José María Chaher

CHAIR, ARGENTINA, former National Coordinator, South America Coordinator

José María is the proud father of Inés (20), Juan and Santiago (twins, 16) and José (14). He was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, since a very early age he has been traveling passionately across Latin America, Europe and the United States. He has been a corporate executive for the last 24 years, serving in various fields and functions of management throughout his career including several years as general manager. In 2011 he transitioned from the general management of the Argentina subsidiary of the multi-national company he works for to the Human Resources Directorship for Latin America, thus focusing entirely in the human dimension of business. He has been meditating for over 16 years now. Since 2006 he is involved with WCCM Argentina. He resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina, still travels extensively and enjoys to spend his leisure time running, skiing, doing outdoor activities and playing music with his children.

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